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  • Counseling and Stragtegic Advice for Idea
  • Provision of forthcoming investigations and enrolling ability on any comments
  • Drafting statements and comments on feedback
  • Responding to interim events (OA), payment on tuition fees, and maintenance fee management
  • Establishing implementation strategies for overseas applications and global IP portfolios
위솔 심볼

Judgment and Litigation

  • Performing various judgments, such as invalidation, confirmation of the scope of rights, revocation of registration, etc.;
  • Conducting a lawsuit for revocation of a verdict (w/ Patent Court and Supreme Court);
  • Establishing an infringement litigation strategy based on registering rights
  • Preparation of an infringement warning/content certificate and response, and preparation of an infringement appraisal form
  • Disputing negotiation/coordination/arbitration, licensing agreement advice, and brokerage

Consulting and Supporting Business

  • Supporting for matching and applications such as commercialization, Start-Up, R&D Tasks, etc.
  • Corporate consulting on tech and patents such as certification, tax saving, educating, job inventing, etc.
  • Matching and implementing customized government-supported projects for each customer’s needs, region, or organization
  • Corporate IR data and business plan consulting

Valuation and Technology Transfer

  • Supporting the targeted demanded enterprise research and the creation of SMK
  • IP Mortgage/Warranty Linked Consulting
  • Establishment of patent utilization strategy based on patent or technological valuation
  • Transfer of technology intermediation for technical cooperation or commercial transaction purposes

Research and Analysis

  • Analysis of technology and patent trends, analysis of competitors’ application trends, and research on prior technologies
  • Invalidating investigations, analyzing infringement, designing avoidance, and Free To Operate (FTO)
  • Providing enterprise IP competency assessment and step-by-step competency building solutions
  • Preparation of references necessary for determining R&D directions
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